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No Advertising on NY1

A quick break from the vacation slide show…

I used to have a semi-regular feature on B&E that discussed the plethora of bad television ads that appeared on NY1 during my morning viewing. Some of my posts have continued to receive comments, particularly on ads for Binder & Binder and Hillside Honda. But the Grand Prospect Hall spot is still probably my favorite bad ad of all time.

A couple of days ago, I was realizing that I hadn’t picked on a NY1 TV spot for a while, so I started to watch out for something to discuss. What I discovered was astonishing…

NY1 now only runs advertising for NY1 (at least during the morning hours). And it’s the same half dozen spots or so over and over again. There’s the one with the police lineup and the woman who identifies the man from the phone company who took away her NY1 (you see, NY1 is only available on Time Warner Cable, don’tcha know). There are a couple of Weather on the 1′s spots that feature a rather cynical, scenery chewing raindrop. There’s the mock movie trailer promoting “From the Floor,” the business reports from the floor of the Stock Exchange. There’s the one with the animated sheep promoting the 11:oo p.m. news show. And more. All promos for NY1.

They’re not particularly good or bad, for the most part. They’re just repetitive. And frankly, now that I’ve noticed, the repetition is making it hard to watch NY1 in the mornings. I still gotta see “In the Papers,” with my buddy Pat Kiernan, but this All-NY1-All-the-Time thing is an unexpected and shocking development. And tedious.

I know that the FCC requires that national media conglomerates serve their local communities, and I get that NY1 is one way for Time Warner to do that. I also get that there are people who choose cable over satellite because of NY1 and that those people might be so numerous that it balances out whatever potential revenue they’re losing by not advertising. But still, it’s surprising that they’re not trying to bring in the advertising dollars.

If I were a journalist, I’d look into it more seriously, make a phone call to someone to find out what’s what. But I’m not a journalist, and I don’t like the phone. According to the NY1 website, they’re still looking for advertisers. So I don’t get this at all.

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  1. Carrie on said:

    This break from the vacation slideshow is not quick. Can’t we get back to the travelogue? Didn’t you get a tapeworm or eat some duck beaks or something? Come ooooooooon!

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