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It’s All About Presentation

As I mentioned, in Venice, I got food poisoning. Believe it or not, this wasn’t the cause:

What didn’t make me barf (pictured above) is squid and squid ink with polenta. I’ve had squid ink pasta before, and although I wasn’t expecting that, I also wasn’t exactly expecting a plate sopping with a jet black ink puddle housing bits of rubbery squid. Still, it’s what I asked for.

But think for a moment. How many edible things are a true black color? Black olives?

Facing this plate of black and white food in front of me was quite daunting. But I was determined to try it. And it was pretty good, actually. I never quite got over the presentation. It really looked gross and way more “foreign” than anything I expected to eat in Italy, even in Venice, which is different from the rest of Italy.

And because I totally yakked the following day, I unfairly associate my food poisoning (obviously caused by something dairy) to this unappetizing looking dish. I will never eat squid ink again.

One comment on “It’s All About Presentation

  1. Jeff on said:

    Does that squid still have a face? Did it watch you eating it?

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