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Donald Trump: Wrong

I’m a bit late on this one, and I’m not even talking about Donald Trump in the context of his supposed run for the Presidency. No, I’m even later.

I happened upon an old clip of “Celebrity Apprentice,” in which The Donald attempts to get Cyndi Lauper to tell him who she thinks he should fire. She’s hesitant. When he asks her why, she says, “Because I feel bad.”

“Badly. You feel badly,” retorts Trump.

“I feel badly,” Cyndi corrects. Or incorrects, as is the case here.

Donald, if Cyndi Lauper were to feel badly, the implication would be that she’s reaching for things very poorly. Her fingertips keep missing what’s she’s feeling for. That’s feeling badly. But because she’s explaining her state of being, she feels bad.

Replace “feels” with the verb “smells.” If Cyndi Lauper stinks, she smells bad. It’s her state of being. If she smells badly, it implies that she cannot smell whatever awful stench or delightful aroma is in front of her nose.

I still kind of want you to own the Mets, Donald, because that would be a total shit show, but you’re wrong about this one. And you’re wrong if you really think you could’ve won the primary and general elections. That’s downright delusional.

So, Donald Trump, I’ll assume you’re good at developing really tacky real estate. Stick with that. Don’t try to correct someone’s grammar. You make yourself look stupid. And you look stupid, not stupidly. It’s your state of being.

3 comments on “Donald Trump: Wrong

  1. Carrie on said:


  2. SunnysiderUp on said:

    I think he looks stupidly too, with that weird half-glare-lower-jaw -smashed -lip-squished thing. I mean, how can he really see anything through those squinted eyes? Someone needs to teach him how to look properly.

    Oh, and someone needs to teach him now to not be the world’s biggest douche bag. That too.

  3. Jeff on said:

    His toadlike appearance is nauseous. Everytime I look at him, I don’t feel well.

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