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Archive of entries posted on May 2011

Two Sports at Once

When you get photos of politicians participating in any sort of sporting activity, the results are usually quite embarrassing. Exceptions are the oft-mentioned George W. Bush first-pitch strike and the Barack Obama three-pointer during his campaign for President. But they are oft-mentioned because usually it’s more like Barack Obama’s experience bowling in Pennsylvania. Not good. [...]

What Can I Say About Assisi?

The missus was raised to be a good Catholic girl. So naturally, Assisi was on the itinerary. The drive through Tuscany and into Umbria was just stunning. Seriously, though, folks, the drive was mostly beautiful, with a few pockets of industrialism mixed in for good measure. The old city of Assisi is built on a [...]

I Like These Mets

This weekend is the first Subway Series between the Mets and Yankees. The Mets Junior Varsity team eked out a win against the Yankees superstars in the first game yesterday. It’s just one game, and the Mets in this form probably can’t be sustained for an entire season, but last night’s game demonstrates exactly why [...]

Donald Trump: Wrong

I’m a bit late on this one, and I’m not even talking about Donald Trump in the context of his supposed run for the Presidency. No, I’m even later. I happened upon an old clip of “Celebrity Apprentice,” in which The Donald attempts to get Cyndi Lauper to tell him who she thinks he should [...]

Non Basta Pasta!

Yes, I give in to peer pressure. If you comment and demand more B&E in your life, I will succumb to your whim. So did I mention that we made pasta? You may have gathered as much based on the olive oil post, assuming you read it. It was fun. And it was part of [...]

No Advertising on NY1

A quick break from the vacation slide show… I used to have a semi-regular feature on B&E that discussed the plethora of bad television ads that appeared on NY1 during my morning viewing. Some of my posts have continued to receive comments, particularly on ads for Binder & Binder and Hillside Honda. But the Grand [...]

Extra Virgin Olive Oil on Everything

Boy, the Italians sure do love their olive oil. Especially their extra virgin olive oil. The agritourismo where we stayed was home to one of Tuscany’s oldest olive groves. In the 80s, a massive frost killed off many of Italy’s olive groves. Not this one: To continue to produce fruit, olive trees need pruning every [...]

Some Florentine Goodness

As most readers may know, I stay away from the sweets in my everyday life. All that really means is that I really binge when I’m on holiday. And Italy is a perfectly reasonable place to binge. We discovered Grom (the gelaterie) in Florence, which really is terrific stuff. And even the totally generic gelato [...]

No Photos!

There are some places they really don’t want you to take pictures of the art. The Accademia in Florence is one of those places. Maybe they want you to buy their postcards of Michelangelo’s David and are afraid you won’t if you’ve taken photos. Maybe they’re afraid that there will just be too much of [...]

Tripe Is About as Good as You’d Guess

The Florentines love their tripe. It’s their go-to sandwich. Just boil that cow stomach, chop it into bits, drop it on a roll, and top with salsa verde. It didn’t look so bad. It didn’t smell so bad. So I took a bite. It didn’t actually taste so bad either. But it sorta squeaked against [...]