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My Budget Proposal

No, I didn’t watch the President’s budget proposal today. I have a job.

But the Republican party has already won this argument, because the whole thing is being discussed on their terms. The deficit is the single biggest threat to our democracy. Really? Right now? The deficit is more important than job creation?

So I’m sure that, today, President Obama presented a totally reasonable and realistic way to tackle the budget deficit. He’s always totally reasonable, even when dealing with petulant children that are desperately seeking boundaries. The President’s budget will make “painful cuts” and “raise taxes on those who can afford to pay a little more.”

And that totally misses the point. There’s nothing reasonable about any part of the discussion. Because it’s being discussed on unreasonable terms. Paul Ryan presents a Republican budget that is not only morally and ideologically reprehensible, but his colleagues in both parties accept the premise that he’s to be taken seriously.

Okay then. This is my budget proposal, which does what Ryan’s budget does: ties an ideology to budget figures pulled out of thin air. First, here are some obvious revenue raisers:

Raise taxes on the rich: $1.5 trillion
Close corporate tax loopholes: $850 billion
Raise corporate taxes: $440 billion
Robin Hood Tax: $4.7 trillion
Individual banker douchebag tax: $12.3 billion
Gun tax: $650 billion
Military funding cuts: $1.2 trillion
Abolishing the death penalty: $6.3 trillion

And then I’ve also got some funding for a few pet programs, which look to keep America great in the future. These will be paid for when necessary, largely (and obviously), by the enormous savings garnered by abolishing the death penalty.

Medicare For All (thereby eliminating private insurance subsidies and tax breaks) $0
Raise education funding (including mandatory raises for teachers): $2 trillion
Infrastructure investment (roads, high-speed trains, etc., using only union workers): $900 billion
Environmental investment (new solar and wind technologies): $98 billion
Arts (NEA) funding (requiring they support individual artists again): $4 billion
The New WPA: $2.5 trillion
New York Mets (cheap, cheap, cheap!): $500 million

There. Budget not only balanced but surplussed. And it’s no less serious that the budget put forth by Representative Paul Ryan (Ideologue of Wisconsin).

One comment on “My Budget Proposal

  1. I need a job – and I think your budget should actually be debated and voted on in Congress because it makes a lot of sense (except I think $200 million for the Mets is plenty).

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