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Keep Your Hot Wax Away From My Nethers

I’m a bald man. But with baldness on the head comes hair everywhere else. This is my least favorite part of being bald.

But if Bliss Spa thinks I’m going for a He-Wax, they’re out of their fucking minds. I mean, really. Ouch.

Even ouchier might be the damned copy on the He-Wax page. To pull but one example:

Shedding all that fur will ‘wax’-imize your confidence, and make you feel so ‘hair’-oic, you’ll want to shout, “I have the power!”

Unlike at least one of my six readers, I’m not anti-pun, in general. But for the love of all that is holy, reading this copy — and there’s four paragraphs of it — is like having hot wax poured onto your testicles and getting the hair pulled out by the roots.

Oh. I get it now. Well played, copywriter. Well played.

3 comments on “Keep Your Hot Wax Away From My Nethers

  1. Carrie on said:


  2. Vania Kent Harber on said:

    Has Sunnyside really become this gentrified?

  3. Fortunately, no. The Bliss Spa is no relation to 46th/Bliss Street. It’s a chain.

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