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Oh, It’s Beard Madness Alright!

It’s been a real beardy time. I got a bit lazy with my own shaving until this past Sunday and had inadvertently grown a damn near full beard. Totally unintentional. It just happened.

The New York Yankees have long had a curious facial hair rule. Mustaches are fine. Beards are out. So it’s fine if the players want to look like 70s porn stars, but looking like Williamsburg hipsters is out of the question.

It appears that the Durango police had a similar rule. But it’s okay now. They can have goatees! So if they’re not clean-shaven, they have the choice to either look like 70s porn stars or total douchebags. Well done, Durango.

But it’s March now. And as we all know, that means March Madness. The NCAA bracket is set as teams play for the national championship. Good times all around. But the Atlantic featured a different bracket, one I can certainly get behind:

I think that Dad in the Early 80s might give John Brown a good run for his money in the quarterfinals, but it’s hard for me to imagine the abolitionist not ultimately taking the tournament. He’d certainly beat that chinstrap Lincoln.

And speaking of Lincoln, someone at my job came upon this little campaign to “get Lincolnized.” The collection of Lincolnized photos is really where the fun’s at.

It’s starting to warm up a bit, B&E readers, which means that beards will be less appealing again as I suffer through the sweaty summer months. But in the meantime, it’s awfully grand to know that people are still enjoying the facial follicles.

[h/t to Apparently for the Beard Madness chart.]

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