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My Mom’s in LA!–Part 2

Look out, B&E readers! My mom’s going on studio tours now! And she’s stalking stars better than Gawker Stalker. I have once again changed the names of everyone but the famous people, so for the purposes of this one, I’ll change my step-dad’s name to “Hoss” (because it’s as good a nickname as any other). But here’s her report from the Warner Brothers Studio tour:

We loved the tour. I loved all the old bldgs, set design, metal works, costumes and prop storage areas. We drove through some of the bldgs and could watch the workers at work.

It just so happened that Clint Eastwood was filming on an outdoor lot that PM. We stopped to watch about half a block away. No cameras. We saw Leo deCaprio watched him for quite a while as he was taking a break. I won’t claim to have seen Clint. One woman in our group claimed to have seen him by the way he walked. I don’t believe her. We were told that Clint was dressed in all black with a ball cap. If there had been anyone that looked like that we would have seen him because we were looking hard. Also Armin Hammer, he is a costar in film. Film is J. Edgar Hoover.

Dinner last night in downtown Burbank at Islands restaurant
Hoss is typing this at my dictation because this is the 4th or 5th time I’ve tried to sent it without success.

I don’t know who Armin Hammer is. He’s either an actor I’ve never heard of or an actor my mom has somehow misnamed. I assume she doesn’t mean the baking soda.

The trouble sending I assume has to do with my mom’s tortured relationship with her still new iPhone. She’s working out some technical kinks on her side of things.

Keep the updates coming, Ma! I love ‘em! (And you’re populating my blog during a particularly uninspired era of posting.) Thanks!

3 comments on “My Mom’s in LA!–Part 2

  1. It’s Armie Hammer. He’s in Social Network. I’ve not seen it
    So I’d never heard of him Thank God for tour
    Guides. When people say his name, it sounds just like the baking soda.

  2. Oh, right. That guy. I saw the Social Network, but didn’t know that actor’s name, so I was genuinely at a loss.

  3. Deanna on said:

    I disagree, your Follow Your Own….post WAS inspiring with it’s lovely message of gay rights.

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