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My Mom’s in LA! — Part 1

I’m in a lull in the B&E posting, but my mother is in Los Angeles.

You see, I have this step-niece who I’ll call Karen for this post. Because her name is Karen.

(Her name isn’t Karen.)

Anyway, “Karen” is 16 and living in LA for a few months to audition and take classes and do all of those things that young, aspiring actors do. Her parents needed a chaperon for Karen for two weeks, and so my mom and step-dad (who I’ll call “Ace” because it’s the best nickname ever) got a free trip to LA just to look after Karen. I’ve spent a little time with Karen, and she seems a decent kid with a solid head on her shoulders, aspiring actressing notwithstanding.

Mom has an iPhone, and she pocket-Facebook-statused the other day, which I love. But what I love even more is her first report (combined with her second report) from Los Angeles, which I copy and paste here for your reading pleasure, not quite in its entirety (and names changed):

Karen drove us around some of the studios & backlots which are very close to her apt.  She had an audition at 4:00.  We had to leave early because there were mobs of people walking across the street to see the Red Carpet.  I was fascinated by the whole process.  It was for a movie trailer for “Gawkward”  Who knew they film the trailers first.

Had dinner at a really good Mexican restaurant that [my bro-in-law] recommended.  Doris Roberts (played Ray Romano’s mom was at the next table.  Karen & I easedropped on their conversation.  Ha!

Mom & Ace

PS:  I had a typo in your e-mail address so this came back.  Yesterday we went shopping at “It’s a Wrap” (used clothes that have been worn in movies & TV) Ace got tee shirts from General Hospital & some other soap.

Went to Trader Joe’s for groceries.  2nd star sighting.  Jean Smart (Designing Women).  She was complaining to a friend about how much she hated the Oscar show with all the vulgarity.

Not sure what we’ll do today…..

Well, I hope she sends me more updates. And I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do. I don’t know if you have to know my mom to think it’s great. But I think it’s great. And she gave me permission to post them.

So thanks, Mom (who I’ll call “Mom” because it’s how I think of her)!

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