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Opening Day arrives this week, B&E readers! Oh, yes, it does. And as terrible as the Mets should be this year, I’m excited. I much prefer pulling for the underdogs. I like that the team is stocked with homegrown youngsters and injured former stars. These are the guys you root for. I love it.

One of my favorites is RA Dickey. This is a guy who was a top pick, signed for a giant bonus (with another team), and had to give the bonus back when it was discovered he was missing a goddamned ligament in his elbow. He then toiled away in the Minors, trying to get to top form, eventually relying on a knuckeball to get back to the Majors in his mid-30s. Outstanding.

As long-time readers well know, I love me a knuckleball. It’s the weirdest pitch in baseball. It kneecaps catchers. It makes batters look like fucking idiots. When it tumbles (spins), it gets absolutely clobbered by the batter and ends up a mile beyond the outfield fence. And the guys who throw it tend to be a little eccentric.

So RA Dickey is my Mets man for the season. So, Mets front office, a modest proposal: a Dickey dickey. I had the Design Director at my job whip this little sample up. So the design is free (or just what it cost me, which was ten cents). It’s up to your licensee or promotional partners to make it happen. Thanks.

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  1. Genius. I’m ready to pre-order!

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