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Call It “Bouncing Back”

Last weekend, the missus and I and a few friends took a trip out to Flushing. Some of you may remember our last trip to Flushing, which gave us a deliciously and authentically Chinese food experience. This time, we weren’t going for Chinese. It was Indian. A little place called Southern Spice.

We questioned our sanity just a little, as we ventured out during a pretty serious rain storm. Then upon arriving, we immediately sensed that something was slightly amiss.

The grates were down over one of the windows and the door, but the other window was exposed, albeit it with no glass. And they were still open for business.

Apparently, a car had taken out most of the front of the restaurant very late (or early, depending on your point-of-view). The restaurant was closed at the time, so no one inside was hurt. The proprietor of Southern Spice wasn’t terribly keen on talking about it (I’m sure he’d been taking questions all day long), so I don’t remember if he told us whether the driver of the car was okay. He probably also doesn’t have the best of wishes for the person who mistook the restaurant for competition in a demolition derby.

This glass was still in place, although it had seen better days.

So you entered and exited the restaurant like this gentleman did. It would not have been easy for someone with very short legs.

But did the fine folks at Southern Spice let a little thing like a car ramming its storefront get in the way of dinner service? Hell, no. And the food was outstanding. I’ve gotten out of the habit of taking photos of everything I do and everywhere I go, so I forgot to snap photos before. But here’s the carnage from our meal, which was much less destructive than the car/battering ram. The best things on the menu were the ones that they claimed were “specialties.” The Chicken 65 was a particular stand out for me (65 of what, I don’t know). And a spicy lamb thing kicked ass as well.

In the past I’ve raved about “the best Thai food outside of Thailand” at SriPraPhai. It’s way closer to where we live in Queens than Southern Spice, which is a trip to the end of the 7 train plus a long walk or short bus ride. But once I go out to Southern Spice again (and again), I may be ready to declare it to be SriPraPhai’s Indian equivalent. It was that good.

Also, trips to Flushing are almost always worth your time. Especially if you like weird and awesome. Praise House of Boon!

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