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Another Reason to Dislike Park Slope

I’ve never really been seduced by Park Slope the way that most New Yorkers seem to have been seduced by it. It reminds me of neighborhoods in Boston. I hate Boston.

So this Park Slope woman started an online petition to get the owner of a new club to play indie music instead of rap. (The Gothamist has a nice summary.) No, she’s not racist. Some of her best friends are black.

But I encourage you to read the names of the signers on the petition itself. I’d estimate that 95% of the signers are mocking the woman, and rightly so. By using the “name” and “location” fields, people are letting her know how they feel. Some people are vicious, the way that people can be anonymously online. Some people are being funny. Everyone’s letting her have it.

A few of my favorites:

  • You’re exactly what ruined Park Slope.
  • Hip Hop was born in Brooklyn; I bet you weren’t.
  • Blacks are fine with me if they listen to the music I like
  • Keep Park Slope Rock n’ Roll (Wait, blacks made that up too? DAMMIT)
  • Some of my best nannies are black
  • Mos Def is from Park Slope (dumbass)
  • The first 15 people who signed were serious

A few people even signed the petition, using the fields as they were designed to get their point across:

  • DW Griffith from the Deep South
  • Strom Thurmond from Beyond the Grave
  • Shaniqua and Taniqua from Your Imagination

Anyway, check out the petition soon. I can’t imagine this woman will leave it up much longer.

One comment on “Another Reason to Dislike Park Slope

  1. Carrie on said:

    The owner of the club is Akiva Ophstein. I <3 NY.

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