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Oh, So Feingold

Everyone’s favorite former Senator, Russ “You Look” Feingold, has finally announced a post-office holding plan that goes beyond teaching law (not that there’s anything wrong with teaching law).

This week, Russ “Corporations Should Suffer A” Feingold launched Progressives United, a PAC with a mission of getting corporate money out of politics. It’s a worthy cause that I’m happy to promote to my six readers because Russ “Balls Of” Feingold has long been the subject of much praise in the B&E realm.

A minor bone to pick with the effort or, more specifically, the name of the effort. I agree that taking corporate money out of politics is a “progressive” concern, as it were. But a whole slew of those Tea Partiers are also against corporate bailouts and don’t approve of the corporate influence in our politics. These people will not call themselves progressive, so it’s pretty unlikely that they’ll get involved with an organization called Progressives United.

Still, I applaud Russ’s effort. But is it any surprise that he’d be up to more awesome? Russ “Is Really Just Continuing To Do” Feingold.

2 comments on “Oh, So Feingold

  1. I love it when you post about Feingold.

  2. Good, because I love posting about Russ “Wine Makes Everything” Feingold.

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