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Archive of entries posted on February 2011

Follow Your Own Advice

So the Obama administration has opted against continuing to defend the Defense of Marriage Act in court. It’s a good move, although we’re still a few steps away from stripping DOMA from the books. And naturally, the people who would deny a certain segment of the U.S. population equal rights just because they’re gay aren’t [...]

I Double Dog Dare You!

As long as we’re talking about Wisconsin (the home state of the dreamy Russ “Everything’s” Feingold), pay attention to Madison. And now Milwaukee. Most of my six readers are probably already aware of the current situation in the Wisconsin state capital, and, in fact, I’m thrilled to say that one of my six readers went [...]

Oh, So Feingold

Everyone’s favorite former Senator, Russ “You Look” Feingold, has finally announced a post-office holding plan that goes beyond teaching law (not that there’s anything wrong with teaching law). This week, Russ “Corporations Should Suffer A” Feingold launched Progressives United, a PAC with a mission of getting corporate money out of politics. It’s a worthy cause [...]

The New York Donalds

Put me squarely in the camp of people who want Donald Trump to buy a good chunk of the New York Mets. I don’t much care for the Donald in general. The extent of my direct experience with him, however, is limited to him sitting two seats away from me at Howard Stern’s Private Parts [...]

Hats Off to the GOP

Ah, yes, the Republican Party gave me the biggest genuine laugh of the day. I won’t link to their website because, really, fuck them. But the GOP is running a little Valentine’s Day promotion, in which you can send your friends Valentine’s Day e-cards that mock Democrats. Most of them are, as one would expect, [...]

Dude! Egypt!

In high school, people would sometimes throw these massive parties in empty fields outside of town. “Where’s the party?” “Out in bum-fuck Egypt.” This was the extent of my knowledge about Egypt for years. It’s a long ways away. And perhaps gay? Cut to the present, and I’ve got a good friend who lives in [...]