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Moon Fight!

Between Obama’s reference to Sputnik in his State of the Union address, and Sarah Palin’s strange implication that the Soviets won the space race, I’ve been thinking about space and fights, and I’ve decided that Moon Fight would be the Best Movie Ever, and Hollywood should totally get on it, creating an alternative historical reality (as long as our politicians are doing it).

NASA Spaceman Jack Ranger heads a team of ragtag astronauts, as they fight the system to get to the moon. With setbacks along the way, Jack and his team eventually land on the moon, just moments before their Soviet counterparts, led by the evil Yuri Gulgokov.

What follows, obviously, is the most amazing, slow-motion (thanks to less gravity) moon fight and chase scene in the history of cinema, in which Jack, nearly defeated, rips Yuri’s helmet off, causing his head to explode.

And Communism to implode.

U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S.A.!

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