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Fuck You — For the Cure!

My job circles in and around the nonprofit world. So it was with some interest that I read that Susan G. Komen for the Cure spent about a million dollars last year going after grassroots groups that use “for the cure” for supposedly being in violation of their trademark.

Dude. Susan G. Komen. Excuse me: I mean, Susan G. Komen FOR THE CURE. Because you changed your name, like, two years ago to include the words “for the cure” you own any name that has “for the cure” in it? I’m no lawyer, but that seems like a bit of a stretch. It certainly seems like fucking bullshit that you’re suing Kites for a Cure. All they want to do is fly fucking kites. Who the hell are you to say they can’t do it for a cure?

This year, for the first time, the missus and I sat down and actually made strategic decisions about where to donate money. Historically, we’ve just given in dribs and drabs when the spirit moved us.

Susan G. Komen for the Cure wasn’t on our list. But damn. If I were a donor (even one who gave the piddly amount that we gave to our organizations) to Susan G. Komen for the Cure, I’d be pretty pissed off right now.

Nonprofit organizations have to spend money on things other than their programs — salaries, office space, development, marketing & communications, etc. I don’t care if the organizations I donate to use my piddly donation to go toward those things. It’s the cost of doing the good work they do. Fine.

But spending a million dollars to go after other organizations that, in theory, are fighting the same goddamned fight you are? Well, Susan G. Komen for a Cure… That makes you a pretty big Dickhead.

[Kudos to Stephen Colbert, who gave them a little satirical -- and well-deserved -- face-slap.]

2 comments on “Fuck You — For the Cure!

  1. MandateOfHeaven on said:

    Right on! I was so pissed-off when I heard that the Susan G. Komen foundation was brutalizing tiny charities over vain, petty, neurotic issues that I rejoiced at your extremely well-chosen headline!

    As a breast cancer survivor myself, I nonetheless find the amount of attention paid to breast cancer to be REALLY WEIRD. The hardships of breast cancer PALE next to something like Multiple Sclerosis. You should have seen the look on the technician’s face at the Fort Collins, Colorado Breast Diagnostic Center when I asked her if she agreed that breast cancer got so much attention “because it’s about boobs”.

    Also, I thought I was the only non-PC dinosaur still saying, “FUCK”, and, “Dickhead”. Well, Susan G. Komen is a FUCKING DICKHEAD CUNT!!! I’ve never donated a penny to tit cancer “research”, and now I never will.

  2. Deanna on said:

    Well said Bald…I have heard this particular charity had come under scrutiny in the past for how they choose to spend their considerable funds but this is news to me. I was looking to support breast cancer when I learned a few years back that this is not people’s favorite charity for breast cancer. I want to support breast cancer specifically because I think many women’s diseases are understudied (I know men can get it too), and two of my friends are fighting it now. I also have a friend fighting a different type of cancer and a person I care about has MS….the list goes on.

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