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My Thanksgiving Vacation – One Flight, Five Airports

Even though Edinburgh airport was closed for the day of our flight, we went for it, hoping against hope that we’d make it back to New York. And goddammit, if arrangements weren’t being made.

Continental bussed everyone on our flight from the Edinburgh airport to the Glasgow airport, which was running without delays. Like all things weather and Scotland, it was a remarkable difference. It was downright blizzardy as the coaches left Edinburgh airport, and about two-thirds of the way there, it cleared up. The freakin’ sun was out.

Glasgow airport was calm and empty. It was hours later than we were supposed to leave, but we got on the flight and took off for Newark.

On top of everything else with this trip, I’d been in a constant argument with the suitcase we packed in. It’s too complicated to explain, but the short of it is that it was fucking stupid and useless and caused me physical pain and much grief.

So the idea of schlepping this fucking suitcase on New Jersey Transit and the MTA to get from Newark to Queens was torture before it even happened, especially in the context of the previous couple of days of harrowing travel. So the missus found an airport shuttle driver who was willing to drop us at our apartment, since he was making the run to Laguardia and JFK airports anyway. He said we’d be the second stop after Laguardia.

Well, that turned out to be a falsehood. In fact, we were the last people off the shuttle. We made two stops at Laguardia, one at JFK, and one in Forest Hills to drop off a family, before we finally got back to Sunnyside.

I’d never been to five airports in one day before. So that’s something.

And then I got the flu. I’m better now. I think we’re caught up. Thanks, B&E readers.

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  1. So, fun trip?

  2. Terrific, thanks.

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