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My Thanksgiving Vacation – Holy Crap, Bellachroy!

Some of you may remember the infamous Taste of Mull Platter for Two that the missus and I shared last year. Here it is, for reference (and please note how it hangs off the table slightly):

Because the wedding was taking place on the Isle of Mull, we wanted to take the bride and groom to this magical place called the Bellachroy, so they too could share our experience of the Taste of Mull. The bride and groom have spent a great deal of time on Mull, and yet, neither had ever been to the Bellachroy. So we were pretty excited to share our experience with them. We were also joined by two other close friends.

Our hearts dropped ever so slightly when we realized that the lunch menu (during the off-season) didn’t feature the Taste of Mull platter. A few pieces of it peppered the menu, but there was no single, giant plank of deliciousness with a dozen different items on it.

There were, however, six of us, and we were very hungry. So we made sure the table was laden with food. Smoked salmon, mackerel pâté, chicken liver pâté, cullen skink, scampi, chips…

And I had a venison burger with chutney, arugula, cheddar cheese, and bacon. Oh, and black pudding. That’s right. The venison burger had cheese, bacon, and black fucking pudding. Yes. It was awesome, thank you.

Soak it in, B&E readers.

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