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Cliff Lee’s Money

There were a couple of articles in the New York Times discussing Cliff Lee’s tax rate. One appeared before his decision, talking about how the lower taxes in Texas gave the Rangers an advantage over the Yankees with New York’s higher tax rate. Then there was this one, after he made the surprise decision to go to Philadelphia to play for the Phillies.

A quick explanation for you non-baseball fans: Cliff Lee is a really good pitcher. He’s so good, in fact, that the Yankees offered him a seven-year, $150 million contract. The Rangers offered $138 million over six years. Lee accepted a five-year deal worth $120 million in guaranteed income.

What?! Cliff Lee accepted a lower offer?

Where’s the perspective, sportswriters? We’re talking about $120 million. That’s probably enough money for any one man and his family, even if he’s (god forbid) paying nearly 4% income tax on his gross income. It’s four percent! How will he afford to feed his children?

These articles about Cliff Lee’s money are really fucking stupid.

And the Mets won’t win their division for at least the next five years.

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