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Apparently, We Got Some Snow

Yes, I know I haven’t written much lately, B&E readers. But I still think about you a lot. And I hope we can still be friends.

Hey, did you hear that New York City got some snow? After the missus and my experience as refugees in Scotland, I joked that Scotland could really use a Michael Bloomberg to take care of its snow removal. Well, apparently, Michael Bloomberg could use a Michael Bloomberg to take care of New York City’s snow removal too!

I took these photos on Monday afternoon, probably about five hours after the snow stopped. What was most surprising was that not a single plow had gone down our street during the storm. Usually we get at least one plow during a heavy snow. And by the next day, we still hadn’t. This was apparently a typical experience, especially for those of us in the outer-boroughs. But I’d never seen our street like this before.

But the drifting was so strong (blizzard conditions, after all) that our car’s fortunate position on the corner of a bigger road (one that had seen a plow) meant that snow had blown away from it. Almost no digging required! Which meant that our eyesore of a car could still beautify the neighborhood!

The same could not be said for this poor car. Yes, that’s a car under there. (Underwear!)

This ambulance was stuck on our street in the middle of the next block. A few tragic stories have been reported because of how the storm hindered emergency services.

Fortunately, this car doesn’t have to worry about his windshield wipers being frozen against the glass. Smart thinking.

While we were walking around, it was still very blustery. Here’s a view toward the Chrysler Building with a stranded taxi and snow blowing everywhere.

Overall, I had a pretty good blizzard. Better than Michael Bloomberg’s anyway. Hope you all had a good one too.

2 comments on “Apparently, We Got Some Snow

  1. I thought you were addressing me. Apparently not.

  2. Twas lover-ly thanks.

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