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The International Jersey Express

I feel like I’m required to comment on the news that the 7 train might be extended to Secaucus, New Jersey.

Part of me is like “whatever.” So people who live in Hoboken and Secaucus can zip into Times Square in a few short minutes. Good for them. They won’t be riding out to Sunnyside or beyond (unless they’re Mets fans, of course, and the Mets decide to start winning). So it probably won’t affect me all that much logistically.

What I don’t particularly like is the idea that it’ll take me less time to get from Sunnyside to New Jersey than it takes me to get to my job in Brooklyn. We’re not talking about Brighton Beach here, either. I work in Dumbo, for crying out loud. Maybe the MTA should do a better job of service between Queens and Brooklyn instead. I mean, what the hell is in Secaucus that I desperately need to get to by subway? If any of my seven readers have been to Secaucus, please let me know if I’m missing something awesome.

But here’s the part that really gets my goat. My monthly subway fare is about to get 17% more expensive. If my extra money is going to pay for a connection to New Jersey, well then, up yours, MTA.

4 comments on “The International Jersey Express

  1. You have a goat?

  2. I feel like they have really good sandwiches in Secaucus.

  3. Secaucus used to be home to a pig farmer who ran for president every four years and campaigned by parading one of his pigs on a leash down the Asbury Park boardwalk. That’s pretty awesome.

  4. If the dude were still around right now, dragging his pig around and running for office, maybe I’d take the 7 train out there. Otherwise, we’ve got pretty good sandwiches around these parts too. I mean, the pierna torta at Da Mole is out of the world.

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