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No One Cares, Pataki

Former New York Governor George Pataki is hinting that he might run for President. He was quite active supporting (mostly Tea Party) candidates during the midterm campaign.

But if he thinks he has a genuine chance to win, he’s fucking delusional.

First of all, for Republicans to get elected in New York, they still have to appear moderate, even if they aren’t. Just one example: Pataki is pro-choice. Or at least he was. So whatever sharp turn to the right his rhetoric has taken in recent months, Tea Partiers won’t be buying what he’s selling. Look at Mitt Romney’s struggle within the Republican Party. He’s spent millions and has pretty much been a right-wing idiot for four years now. And people still don’t trust his right-wing views.

Secondly, anyone who’s seen George Pataki on any form of media can recognize that he’s got a serious dearth of charisma. In fact, he’s a charisma suck. People who appear with him start lacking charisma. Which, now that I think about it, might serve him well in debates.

But most importantly, no one outside of New York gives a shit about New York. Okay, I’ll amend. People only give a shit about New York when it’s politically expedient. See “9/11″ and “Ground Zero Mosque” for examples. (Isn’t it shocking and amazing how since the election, right-wing politicos and pundits aren’t decrying the “Ground Zero Mosque” anymore?)  Even “America’s Mayor” Rudy Giuliani discovered that Americans couldn’t care less about his Mayorship, no matter how many times he dropped “9/11″ into, well, every sentence.

Anyway, no one gives a shit.

Granted, I never liked you much, George Pataki, but seriously, dude… You can never win.

I have thoughts about the Mayor Mike Bloomberg presidential speculation too, but that’ll be a post for another day.

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