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Bad Advertising on NY1 – Totino’s

This Totino’s pizza bites spot is annoying, sure, but most advertising is, even the ads of higher quality (which this isn’t), so I won’t fault them for that.

No, what makes this particular advertisement bad is that it features two teenage girls who love listening to music and eating pizza bites. You see, they each shout the same thing, but one slightly after the other, because they can’t hear each other–or themselves!–over their loud music! Get it?! Oh, kids today!

The message Totino’s wants to make here is clear: eating pizza bites is something that’s totally cool for teenage girls to do.

So what do the marketers for Totino’s do? They give the girls clunky headphones. No one wears clunky headphones anymore. Especially not the kids, who have their fancy mp3 players and what not. Why on earth are they not wearing earbuds of some sort? Why would these cool teenage girls use an outdated personal speaker system that musses up their hair while they eat these delicious pizza bites?

Oh, Totino’s… Your pizza bites scare me anyway.

4 comments on “Bad Advertising on NY1 – Totino’s

  1. Maybe you don’t get it because you’re the kind of person who says “and what not.”

  2. Any time you see me write “what not,” you should feel free to replace it with “Dean.”

  3. What bugs me about those ads is the girls say “Our favorite thing is listening to music. But what we REALLY love is eating Totino’s pizza bites.” Well, which is it girls? Your favorite thing is fine and all but you like something else better? Or Totino’s is your second favorite thing? In which case they are advertising their product as teens’ second favorite thing? What about Edward from Twilight and huffing febreze?

  4. you d=forgot to mention that this company refuses to use any type of minority in their ads. When they mean the kids of america, they mean White America

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