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Storm King is Always a Good Idea, as are the Drops

The missus and I have been on a beauty kick of late. We’re just trying to make more of an effort to get some beauty in our lives.

Since New York City isn’t exactly famous for its natural beauty, we’re looking for any type of beauty, really. Food can be beautiful, as can music and other art forms. So what NYC lacks in natural beauty (and yes, I know we’ve got some parks and botanical gardens too), it can really make up for in the cultural beauty.

Last weekend, we saw the Carolina Chocolate Drops again. It’s the first time, with the exception of family acts, that we’ve seen a music group in concert more than once. The last time was at Mass MoCA back in May. And Bowery Ballroom was a fine place to see them play.

The trio is enormously talented. Each is a multi-instrumentalist and singer. The two here are the ones that do all the talking in between numbers, which sometimes includes short, interesting history lessons about the song. I don’t mind admitting that I’ve got a little crush on the lady in the group.

The dude seated here never says a word and always looks very serious. He can still play his ass off.

During the title track from the latest album (called “Snowden’s Lament (Genuine Negro Jig)”), this dude dances while playing the bones (similar to the spoons, except, of course, that they’re bones). It’s utterly mesmerizing, melancholy, and quite moving.

Once again, the Chocolate Drops impressed us. I’d totally go see them again next week if I could.

Later in the weekend, we made what’s becoming a nearly annual trip to Storm King, which is a sculpture park an hour-plus out of the city. We’d never actually gone during the fall foliage season before. And man, it’s a popular time to go. It’s 550 acres or something like that, so it never feels crowded, but I’ve never seen so many cars in the lots before. Nutty! And although it wasn’t quite as colorful leaves-wise as I was hoping, we still got some nice color in the park.

And there’s just something about Storm King that makes you want to frolic. So here’s a little frolicking.

One of the newer pieces was a mirror fence. It seems a bit gimmicky when you talk about it, but in execution, with all that nature around, it’s really very nice.

I was impressed with the number of new pieces in the park, actually. It’s Storm King’s 50th anniversary apparently, so I guess they had a few things made specially for the occasion. I rather hope that this three-legged Buddha is a permanent part of the collection. Because the grass around it was being seeded you couldn’t explore it from every angle. Which sounds a lot dirtier than I intended it.

Andy Goldsworthy had a new stone wall, too. There’s something so simple and so lovely about Andy’s work. Man, I love those walls.

Andy Goldsworthy lives in Scotland, so the missus has a soft spot in her heart for him. She was inspired to create her own homage to Andy, with some fall foliage tied together and holding acorns, as it floated in the pond.

And the Maya Lin wave field… I mean, Maya Lin… She sorta knows what she’s doing. Although the people climbing the waves really aren’t supposed to do that.

It’s beauty, B&E readers! Beauty!

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  1. Deanna on said:

    I trust you have seen river and tides?

  2. But of course, Deanna.

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