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Just Your Average Queens Update

I’m sure that many (out of the six of you) have been waiting for a proper Queens update for quite some time. Well, here’s a nutshell of some of the goings-on in our fair borough, with a particular focus on Sunnyside, because it is the fairest of the neighborhoods in the fairest borough in the fairest city in the fairest… well, that’s as far as I’m willing to go right now.

  • The Mets! Yes, the Mets finished yet another season with a losing record. I was at (most of) the final game of the season, which ended just how it should have, with Oliver Perez walking in the losing run. Now comes the overhaul. Omar the GM and Jerry the M are out. I say let the young kids play! Screw big signings of free agents! Homegrown talent, baby!
  • The Mets, Part 2! This is actually my favorite Mets story in recent weeks. Any time “Keith Hernandez” and “making out” are in a headline, you know it’s good stuff.
  • Stabbing! A few weeks ago, there was a massive brawl and stabbing at the Casa Romana on Queens Boulevard. And it was gang related! So after a rally to shut the place down, the Casa Romana did everything it could to re-ingratiate to the neighborhood. Wet t-shirt contest! Then they canceled the wet t-shirt contest. And last night, I saw a “for sale” sign on the awning of the Casa Romana.
  • The Grind! Hey, remember the Grind? Me neither! I haven’t been there in many months, and I only bring it up because its no-longer-new home is in the back of the Casa Romana (crying Eva Peron!). Will it survive? Has it survived? Who knows?
  • Farmers Market! I’m loving the Sunnyside Farmers Market this year. Concord grapes! I could eat a million of them! And I think I have!
  • Jimmy Van Bramer! I’m just giving a shout-out to Jimmy because he is the hardest working City Councilman in New York City. And he represents our neighborhood. Here’s one thing he’s done lately.

Queens, B&E readers! Queens!

2 comments on “Just Your Average Queens Update

  1. Because of you, I actually bought Concord grapes. Delicious. But how do you eat them? I mean, do you chew the seeds? How do you deal with the big blob in the middle. I am new to this. Please enlighten me.

  2. There’s no right way to eat a Concord grape. The missus eats the seeds. I don’t like them, so I have a technique in which I strain that big blob through my teeth to separate the seeds out. It’s only because they take so much work that I don’t eat pounds of them at a time. Hope that helps. And enjoy!

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