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Blind Support

What does it take for someone to lose support in these midterms anyway?

The Democrat dude running for the US Senate seat in Delaware seems like a pretty reasonable guy. His opponent is not a witch, but she still seems like she’s pretty unreasonable–and I mean unreasonable as a candidate for student council, much less something as seemingly important as a seat the United States Senate. So a story stating the dude is up 21 points in a poll… Well, that seems like it’s the way it should be.

Until you realize that she’s still polling at 36%. Okay, so I get that a lot of people don’t really pay attention to politics and may support her just because she’s the Republican in the race. But seriously, B&E readers, and I know that I’m preaching to a seven-person (seven! up from six!) choir here, what does this woman have to do to prove to her blind supporters that she’s not remotely fit for office? At what point will the blind see?

I’ve said before that I was a John Edwards supporter in the primary before he dropped out of the race. If I’d known about his out-of-wedlock love child, even though it relates to his policy positions not at all, he’d have lost my support. Maybe that makes me shallow. But the point is that I don’t blindly support someone. I’ve got a line.

Locally, I’m a big Jimmy Van Bramer fan. He’s my current city councilman. But I don’t blindly support him. There are lines he could cross that would cause me to stop supporting him. If he beat up a random immigrant, for example. Or if he were suddenly cured of his homosexuality. That’d be a bit of a red flag.

So I’m just not understanding why people are still supporting – and vociferously supporting – this batshit crazy, utterly unqualified person in her batshit crazy, utterly unqualified pursuit of this Senate seat. Even if you agree with her on the major issues of the day (is masturbation a major issue?), you must be able to see that she’s doing a disservice to your cause, right? But where’s the fucking line? Why on earth would anyone’s standards be so low?

I mean, shit. Remember Howard Dean? Yes, I was/am a fan of Howard Dean’s. He lets out one excited yelp at a goddamned political pep rally–it’s a political pep rally, people–and it’s totally over for him. Deserted by the masses. From one excited moment during a pep rally.

But misstep after misstep from this lunatic in Delaware, and it just doesn’t matter. Can she win? Probably not. But 21 points seems remarkably close, considering the candidate.

And, on a separate but related matter… Sharron Angle? What the fuck, B&E readers. Seriously. What the fuck? It’s no wonder I’m so freaked out by the bears story.

One comment on “Blind Support

  1. PacNWerWithEspressoMachine on said:

    This whole thing chaps my ass. I wish I had something smart to say about it but I just get too mad. Maureen Dowd says it well:

    To make myself feel better as I went to a Halloween Ball as Christine O’Donnell. Several people told me my costume was one of the most terrifying.

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