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Archive of entries posted on October 2010

Blind Support

What does it take for someone to lose support in these midterms anyway? The Democrat dude running for the US Senate seat in Delaware seems like a pretty reasonable guy. His opponent is not a witch, but she still seems like she’s pretty unreasonable–and I mean unreasonable as a candidate for student council, much less [...]

So, Uh, Bears?

Dude. Bears are eating corpses from cemeteries. If that doesn’t freak you out, it should. Those are fucking bears! And they’re digging into the frozen ground, opening coffins, and eating the semi-preserved bodies. They’re doing this shit without opposable thumbs, and that, my friends, is fucked up. I mean, come on: “In Karelia one bear [...]

New York City: Mother/Whore

The New York Times ran a little ditty about how New York City is playing the “all that’s wrong with America” role in political ads during this hotly contested election season. Portrayals of women in movies are often skewered (with good reason) for being shallow. Usually female characters can be reduced to either “mother” or [...]

Storm King is Always a Good Idea, as are the Drops

The missus and I have been on a beauty kick of late. We’re just trying to make more of an effort to get some beauty in our lives. Since New York City isn’t exactly famous for its natural beauty, we’re looking for any type of beauty, really. Food can be beautiful, as can music and [...]

I’m Not a Bigot, But…

I’m not going to weigh in on whether NPR should have fired Juan Williams or not, mostly because I don’t give a shit. There’s one particular quote from Juan’s appearance on “The O’Reilly Factor” that’s getting pulled by various news sources (I pulled mine from the Huffington Post): I mean, look, Bill, I’m not a [...]

It’s a Very Kind B&E

For once, “B&E” on B&E doesn’t mean bald & effective. Today, it means breaking & entering. But first… I’m sure it will surprise you to hear that I’m no big fan of the monster banks. Whether it’s the bailout, the bonuses, the lack of lending, or the inequity, I’ve got reasons. So I’m deeply suspicious [...]

A New Adjective

I’ve got a cousin in the Bay Area that I see once every five years or so, usually at a wedding or a funeral. Apparently, years ago, I told him that the Razor scooters were really getting big in New York. A few months later, they were populating the Bay Area as well. The same [...]

These Dead Presidents Are Way Worse

I’m no presidential historian, but when the right attacks Woodrow Wilson, well, they wake a sleeping bald & effective giant. If Woodrow’s their tit, I’ll give them a few tats… Fuck James Buchanan. He ruined Kansas. It’s because of him that Fred Phelps has flourished in Kansas. Seriously, it all goes back to James Buchanan. [...]

Just Your Average Queens Update

I’m sure that many (out of the six of you) have been waiting for a proper Queens update for quite some time. Well, here’s a nutshell of some of the goings-on in our fair borough, with a particular focus on Sunnyside, because it is the fairest of the neighborhoods in the fairest borough in the [...]

Casting: Three Feckless Weenies

This is totally one of those stories that the Democrats will try to exploit but that most people probably won’t even notice and/or care about. Still, it’s kind of funny. And for the political junkies, I suppose it’s been the story of the day. In short, for an ad in the West Virginia campaign for [...]