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God Answered You, Asshole

So that pastor in Florida, Terry Jones, who was a lot funnier when he was in Monty Python, is planning on burning some copies of the Koran to commemorate 9/11. He’s got a reason. And that reason is that he’s a Dickhead.

I heard a clip of an interview with the man replayed on Democracy Now!, and he said that he’s praying to God about whether he’s going to do this thing. The interviewer asked for clarification, “So you may not hold this event on Saturday?” All he would say is that he’s praying to God and asking Him about it.

Well, asshole, God has answered. God is screaming, “Don’t do it!”  God is telling you in every way possible not to hold the bonfire. God is using the many people on earth to deliver the message, and God will be very pissed off if you don’t listen. Don’t think Obama’s the voice of God? What about Palin? What about all those people in between? That the denunciation is so freakin’ bipartisan – and from so many corners of the earth – is an obvious indication of the hand of God. God is even speaking to you through Interpol.

God has answered your prayers, Dickhead. You’re just too fucking stupid to know that you’ve heard the answers. Many, many times.

LATE UPDATE: So apparently he’s canceled his burning, he says, because he’s going to meet with Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf. That poor imam. That’s sort of like Harvey Fierstein meeting with Fred Phelps or something.

One comment on “God Answered You, Asshole

  1. But then apparently he doesn’t! That was a lie too.

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