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Don’t Touch the Bats!

Apologies, dear B&E readers, for such a long absence. I’ve been working on this rather time-consuming writing project, and then I spent a few days out of town. I can’t promise that the near future will be any better than the past few weeks since the writing project continues. And yes, there’s been Glenn Beck and some elections and more “Ground Zero Mosque” nonsense and a vacation and other such rant-worthy events. And I’ve let them all pass by me, as I simply had to de-prioritize this little website here for a while.

One quick thing, though. I visited the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory during my recent trip, which is about as awesome a place as I’d hoped it would be. I held one of Mickey Mantle’s bats, and saw them making bats for the professionals and making bats for the amateurs (different grades of wood, don’tcha know), much of the various processes done by hand.

At one point, we were able to hold a few bats that were about to shipped off to current Major League players. Derek Jeter was one of them. But I went right to the only Mets player represented in this small group of players: Jeff Francoeur.

Jeff had been traded to the Texas Rangers by the time I got back to New York. I’m really sorry I touched your bat, Frenchie.

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