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Chipotle Is the New Dunkin’ Donuts

Because I know a little bit about how polling works (I read FiveThirtyEight, too, B&E readers), I’m going to take my two-hour hangout at a Chipotle in Manhattan last night as indicative of national trends.

Cops eat more calories in burritos than donuts.

Controversial? Maybe. But until Nate Silver proves me wrong, I’m running with it.

6 comments on “Chipotle Is the New Dunkin’ Donuts

  1. I have noticed a large police presence at the Chipotle in Topeka.

    Damn I love me some Chipotle.

  2. I always KNEW you were a cop!

  3. Yes, but do you agree with my being a cop?

  4. Utterly and always.

  5. I fell asleep four times reading this post.

  6. The next one will be shorter. Promise.

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