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British Gardens Are 73% Cuter

Fighting off the critters can be the most frustrating part of gardening. I don’t know this from experience because I’ve never done any serious gardening.

But I know a fella who’s been doing some rooftop gardening in Brooklyn, and he’s always trying to fight off the pigeons and squirrels. And my sister had a garden in Nashville, and it was a constant battle with the rabbits and possums. Her habanero peppers survived pretty well, but everything else was getting picked over with some regularity.

You know what they get in their gardens in the UK? Hedgehogs! Fucking hedgehogs! Right there among the gooseberries, elderflowers, and haggis shrubs. Hedgehogs!

How are the British getting any gardening done if they keep stopping to go, “AAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWW!”

One comment on “British Gardens Are 73% Cuter

  1. Dinsdale? Dinsdale!

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