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Archive of entries posted on September 2010

British Gardens Are 73% Cuter

Fighting off the critters can be the most frustrating part of gardening. I don’t know this from experience because I’ve never done any serious gardening. But I know a fella who’s been doing some rooftop gardening in Brooklyn, and he’s always trying to fight off the pigeons and squirrels. And my sister had a garden [...]


Apparently, Florida overturned a gay adoption ban today. So come on, Floridian B&E readers! Get out there and adopt your gay! Do I have any readers from Florida? Somehow I doubt it. But speaking of gay, a quick shill! I know one of the producers of this little ditty, which is being released this weekend [...]

Chipotle Is the New Dunkin’ Donuts

Because I know a little bit about how polling works (I read FiveThirtyEight, too, B&E readers), I’m going to take my two-hour hangout at a Chipotle in Manhattan last night as indicative of national trends. Cops eat more calories in burritos than donuts. Controversial? Maybe. But until Nate Silver proves me wrong, I’m running with [...]

What’s a Fan To Do?

I’ve taken in the past couple of days of Mets games. Yesterday, I was watching live, as the Mets were officially (i.e. mathematically) eliminated from playoff contention, as if any of us really needed math to tell us their season was over. Today, it’s on the TV in the background as I fold laundry, drink [...]

Just a Metaphor for the Season, Really

I went to last night’s Mets game, which was an enthralling exhibition between two of the worst teams in baseball. Oh, Pirates. I wish you weren’t so futile. Except then, of course, the Mets wouldn’t win. Anyway… There was a family sitting in the row behind me, and the four-year-old (or so) girl was screaming, [...]

Millionaire Populists Aren’t Populists

I’ve got a serious case of the Schadenfreude today at Rick Lazio’s utter trouncing in the Republican primary for Governor of New York. The only other campaign I’ve watched him run was the one against Hillary for Senate in 2000, and seriously, that race was all about getting Hillary to say whether she was a [...]

I Was Voter #2

Hey, good times this morning at one of Sunnyside’s voting stations. More than an hour into primary day, and I was the second person to vote. I’m #2! I’m #2! I’m #2! If the volunteers at my polling station are any indication, the Asians will have a tremendous turnout. Five interpreters sat at the information [...]

I Hate a Show I’ve Never Seen

The subway ads for a new show called something like “My Generation” make it seem really terrible. Apparently, I’m supposed to be compelled by/feel sorry for young, hot people in their twenties, who are struggling in the way only young, hot people can struggle, and who are full of regret in the way that only [...]

God Answered You, Asshole

So that pastor in Florida, Terry Jones, who was a lot funnier when he was in Monty Python, is planning on burning some copies of the Koran to commemorate 9/11. He’s got a reason. And that reason is that he’s a Dickhead. I heard a clip of an interview with the man replayed on Democracy [...]

Some Old Stuff – Meatopia

Dear B&E readers, please enjoy some photos of things I haven’t yet discussed on B&E. I probably won’t discuss them much now, but enjoy the photos. This first series is from a day on Governors Island for an event called Meatopia! That should pretty much explain everything you need to know.