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More Excuses

Greetings, B&E readers. I’m going to have one of those months. A busy one of those months, I mean. And so I thought it fair to warn you that my postings may drop off even more than they’ve been dropping off lately.

Of course, I’ve also found that when I warn my (six) readers that I’m about to slow down the postings, the postings actually pick up in pace. So we’ll see where that leaves us.

In the meantime, I’m still getting many, many spam comments. My favorites (two) have come from “colon cancer chemotherapy.” I shall file the information for safekeeping in case I get colon cancer because, if I’m going to need treatment, I’m going to rely on a spam message for advice. Thank you, “colon cancer chemotherapy,” if that is indeed your name!

One comment on “More Excuses

  1. I’m still waiting for you to write about key experiences we’ve had together. Until I read about them on B&E, how will I know for sure if they really happened?

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