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Archive of entries posted on August 2010

My Neighborhood, Looking Fine

Because I’m not updating this with any frequency this month, please allow me to point you in the direction of this lovely time-lapse video on the Sunnyside Post. That’s my neighborhood getting a fine sunset treatment. I love Queens. I love Sunnyside. I love New York. Even though, at this very moment, I’m grumpy as [...]

Congratulations, Spamming Pieces of Shit!

In early May, I switched from Blogger to Word Press for my blogging needs. In less than four months, the number of spam comments I’ve received have overtaken the total number of comments I’ve received since February 2005. Although my total number of legitimate comments may be considered small (inevitable when you’ve got six readers), [...]

Careful With Your Delicates

I just spent a couple hours at the Genius Bar, hanging with the geniuses, mostly because I’m a genius. Oh, and because I had another issue with my Mac. I swear to god I’m the only person in the world who’s had more Mac issues than I ever had PC issues. I made an appointment [...]

We’re in America, Right?

Maybe I’ll stop writing about the “Ground Zero Mosque” soon. After all, the issue has been addressed by several parties much more eloquently and thoughtfully than I can or will address it. But apparently CNN did a poll that says 68% of Americans are opposed to building the Ground Zero Mosque, which is funny, because [...]

More Excuses

Greetings, B&E readers. I’m going to have one of those months. A busy one of those months, I mean. And so I thought it fair to warn you that my postings may drop off even more than they’ve been dropping off lately. Of course, I’ve also found that when I warn my (six) readers that [...]

Trapped in a Land Called Nostalgia

Last weekend was my high school reunion. A little personal history… I was not what most people would consider a loser or a geek or whatever in high school. I was a bit of an oddball, for sure. There were plenty of people who didn’t know what to do with me, whether because I had [...]