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Yes, You’re Bigots.

You’ve probably heard by now that a developer has proposed building a mosque near the site of the World Trade Center. It got near unanimous support from the community board down in those parts (no small feat) and frankly isn’t a big deal at all.

Unless you’re a bigot. You see, the bigots have decided that building a mosque near Ground Zero is somehow the same thing as celebrating the terrorist attack of 9/11 (I owe Rudy Giuliani ten cents for using his trademark).

Rick Lazio, the Republican candidate for Governor, is hoping that the issue will give him some traction against Andrew Cuomo, the Democratic candidate and current Attorney General. Instead, he’s just showing the world that he’s a bigot.

Islam has a literal meaning along the lines of “surrender to peace,” so the terrorists who used Islam to rationalize attacking my city were twisted Dickheads. But the bigots would have you believe that all Muslims are the same.

Following the logic of the bigots, churches shouldn’t be built near cemeteries. You see, the twisted Dickheads of the Westboro Baptist Church (led by Fred Phelps) claim that they’re Christians. On their crusade to teach the world that God Hates Fags, the Phelps protest the funerals of service members at cemeteries. So to build a church near a cemetery only celebrates the message of the Phelps brand of Christianity.

It’s ridiculous logic, you Dickheads.

And it’s bigotry. Saying you’re not racist does not make it so.

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