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My Summer Vacation – A Fairy Godmother?

So a few weeks ago, I wrote this little ditty about The Nation vs. the New Yorker. In it, I stated that I missed The Nation and would resubscribe when our budget allowed.

Upon our return from the Pacific Northwest, the latest issue of The Nation magazine was just lying there in our pile of mail. The way I see it, it could be one of two things:

  1. Someone at The Nation whose job it is to go through the Google alerts decided to send me a free copy.
  2. A reader of B&E took pity on me and signed me back up (or had them send me an issue) without my knowledge.

If it’s #2, and the good Samaritan is reading this, please send me a note so that I can thank you appropriately. Heck, if it’s #1 and you get this Google alert also, let me know, so that I can thank you appropriately too.

B&E has been light on righteous indignation in recent months, and it is perhaps my lack of exposure to The Nation magazine that’s the cause. We’ll see if the magazine keeps coming and if the righteous indignation returns. Maybe I should call it The (Indig)Nation magazine.

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