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George Died. Oh, and 9/11.

Yeah, so I’m a Mets fan. Still, I rather liked George Steinbrenner. He and the Yankees deserved each other, and I mean both the positive and negative implications. I’m glad he didn’t own the Mets. Steinbrenner was like your favorite drunk uncle that you’re really glad isn’t your dad. So RIP, George Steinbrenner. The Yankees will be even less interesting without you.

Former mayor and self-important Dickhead Rudolph Giuliani is a big Yankees fan, so it’s not surprising that he’d have an editorial in the New York Post eulogizing the Boss. I won’t link to it because I don’t want to promote that asshole.

But Rudy seems determined to prove Joe Biden right, that the extent of what Rudy says is, “noun, verb, 9/11.” And he does it right there in his Steinbrenner editorial.

Rudy’s a Yankees fan, so maybe I should give him a little bit of room to remember things the way a fan remembers things, but goddammit, I’m a fan too – a Mets fan – and he’s leaving some shit out. Rudy credits the Yankees (and the Boss) for healing the City after that awful (but politically expedient, for Rudy) terrorist attack. Playoff comebacks? Yankees resilience?

Is it appropriate to talk about the Mets while eulogizing the Boss? Probably not.

But dude, it was Shea Stadium that served as a staging ground for supplies and work crews that made their way down to Ground Zero. And dude, it was the Mets who played the first baseball game in New York City after 9/11. I was at that game, and so were you, if memory serves, and Mike Piazza hit a goddamned home run to win that game, and for my money, that game went further to heal my broken heart than anything the Yankees did. Liza Minelli didn’t molest any Yankees player the way she mauled Jay Payton during the greatest 7th-inning stretch in history.

Rudy’s not famous for having class. But turning George Steinbrenner’s death into another lecture about 9/11, reminding us all that 9/11 belongs to the Rudy Giuliani brand, makes my skin crawl.

Jesus, Rudy, you are a self-serving, opportunistic Dickhead. Even in death. George Steinbrenner’s death.

One comment on “George Died. Oh, and 9/11.

  1. Carrie on said:

    Now THAT was a rant worthy of B&E. Welcome back.

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