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The New Yorker vs. The Nation

After years of subscribing to the New Yorker and only reading the cartoons, I realized that I was not getting my money’s worth. So I gave it up. Even though I recognize its clear quality.

With The Nation magazine, I was certainly getting my money’s worth (I read the thing cover-to-cover every week), but then money got tighter, and as much as I wanted to resubscribe, the new austerity budget in my home couldn’t justify it. But I miss The Nation terribly, and I will resubscribe as soon as the austerity budget allows.

So in the battle for my soul, The Nation wins out.

But what in the battle over softball? And what about the battle of the softball teams’ reading lists? This little ditty from the New Yorker made me about as happy as I could be. It’s not even a cartoon!

And I totally want to play on The Nation‘s softball team. Do I really have to work there to make that happen? I swear I’d bat left. Left-wing, if necessary.

2 comments on “The New Yorker vs. The Nation

  1. Frequently I get to the point where I’m ready to cancel the New Yorker, and then along comes an article like this one that is totally captivating.

  2. Yeah, that was a very good one.

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