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The Lego Version Looks Just as Good

I have to admit that I’m getting some World Cup fever. Yeah, me and about a billion other people across the globe.

The missus and I were celebrating our anniversary the day of the England-USA match, but no, that didn’t stop us from watching. Because she’s a proper Scot, she enjoys watching the English lose as much as the next person. Especially if there are margaritas involved.

I’m sure even the non-sports-fan readers of B&E know that the match ended in a draw. That basically means the United States won. Rather, US fans are pleased with the result. You see, the English should’ve won — they’re a better team, certainly — and the expectations were such that anything less than a victory for England would spell disappointment for fans.

And how do we spell disappointment? U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

I love it when a tie means victory.

There was a giant cock-up by England’s goalkeeper, the poor bastard. And you can relive it (and England’s goal) in this stellar Lego stop-motion animation. Thank you, Guardian.

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