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Not Just a Smartass

Perhaps you’re already a follower, but a couple of days ago, the genius behind the Twitter feed BPGlobalPR sent out a press release. A serious one. Turns out he (or she, I suppose, although the signature on the release includes “aka a guy in his boxer shorts”) is not just a smartass. The whole thing is worth reading, but here’s an excerpt:

You know the best way to get the public to respect your brand?  Have a respectable brand.  Offer a great, innovative product and make responsible, ethical business decisions.  Lead the pack!  Evolve!  Don’t send hundreds of temp workers to the gulf to put on a show for the President.  Hire those workers to actually work!  Don’t dump toxic dispersant into the ocean just so the surface looks better.  Collect the oil and get it out of the water!  Don’t tell your employees that they can’t wear respirators while they work because it makes for a bad picture.  Take a picture of those employees working safely to fix the problem.  Lastly, don’t keep the press and the people trying to help you away from the disaster, open it up so people can see it and help fix it.  This isn’t just your disaster, this is a human tragedy.  Allow us to mourn so that we can stop being angry.

The Twitter feed itself sticks with the funny. And it’s got more than 125,000 followers now. For those of you who don’t know anything about Twitter, that’s a lot. In fact, that’s a lot more than a lot.

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