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My Teeth, an Interlude

Before I get back to the photo show of My Summer Vacation, I’m going to tell you about my teeth.

This morning I went to the dentist. It’s been so many years since I’ve seen a dentist that I don’t even know how long it’s been. So I was a bit nervous as the day approached. How many cavities? How many root canals? How many crowns? How many pulled teeth? It could have been anything. I truly had no idea what state my teeth were in.

Turns out they’re in a state of utter tremendousness. No cavities. No root canals. No crowns. No teeth for pulling. My X-Rays were stellar, so I didn’t even see anyone other than the dental hygienist. She did the cleaning, the scraping, and the lecturing (“Come to the dentist more often and floss better”).

The lesson here is obvious, in spite of what the dental hygienist says: Go to the dentist every six to ten years or so. You’ll be fine.

I’m all about the good advice here at B&E.

One comment on “My Teeth, an Interlude

  1. Carrie on said:

    There is no gold-standard research anywhere that suggests semi-annual teeth cleanings at the dentist prevent disease or confer any benefit. Just saying.

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