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Men Are Predictable. And Transparent.

Earlier today, as I was returning from getting my and my colleagues’ afternoon coffee, I found myself standing in our building’s lobby with four other dudes and one leggy blond.

Our building is home to a few offices that host casting calls for models every so often, so we see the occasional six-foot, gorgeous alien wandering in and out.

Two elevators made themselves available at once, and because we’re all gentlemen, we let the leggy blond enter her elevator of choice first.

I find multiple stops on an elevator to be almost as painful as standstill traffic on the parkway, so I opted for the elevator I knew would be empty: the one that did not include the leggy blond. Sure enough. I rode alone to the 10th floor.

All four of the other dudes packed into the elevator with the leggy blond.

One comment on “Men Are Predictable. And Transparent.

  1. the wife on said:

    that’s what I like to hear.

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