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I’m Juvenile Enough Without Help

My mind often goes there. In fact, my mind probably lives there. And by “there,” of course, I mean those inappropriate places that minds sometimes go. On some occasions I lack a filter and blurt out over-the-line sort of comments. And some venues, such as the B&E web log, serve as a place where I give myself permission for the occasionally inappropriate, so that the filter-lacking moments happen less frequently at inopportune times — like funerals.

Anyway, so yeah, I’ve made my share of John “Struggling to Keep My” Boehner jokes. They really only work in writing, since he pronounces his name with a long-a sound, not that I let that discourage me.

But when a legitimate news site begins a headline with, “Pelosi Whacks Boehner…” they’re really just doing all the work for me.

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