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I Really Need to Savor My Food

A couple of weekends ago, the missus got inspired to make a delicious shrimp salad. I’m not sure exactly where she got the recipe, but it was sort of a egg salad/shrimp salad concoction with Tabasco and other deliciousness.

This past weekend, while in the Berkshires (Lah-di-DAH, B&E readers! Lah! Di! Dah!), our generous host made the most delicious shrimp and grits. It also had a Tabasco kick and a whole hell of a lot of cheese. It hearkened back to the delicious Cajun-style shrimp and grits the missus and I ordered at Marlow & Daughters this past Valentine’s Day.

I don’t eat much shrimp. That makes me sound like I don’t like shrimp, which isn’t the case at all. Rather, there’s just almost always something on the menu I prefer to shrimp. And it just doesn’t occur to me to buy and cook shrimp at home, and it only rarely occurs to the missus.

But my recent shrimp experiences have been very delicious indeed.

I probably should have slowed down while eating these shrimp meals. Soon, what shrimp are left will either be unsafe to eat or priced way beyond the scope of my budget.

It doesn’t take long for me to extrapolate beyond myself from there (I know! Rare for any blog, especially this one!). It’s not just the livelihood of the shrimpers and fisherfolk being destroyed in the Gulf of Mexico. It’s an entire way of life.

Fuck you, BP. And fuck you, Dickhead Tony Hayward. I hope you “get your life back” in prison.

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