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Archive of entries posted on June 2010

My Teeth, an Interlude

Before I get back to the photo show of My Summer Vacation, I’m going to tell you about my teeth. This morning I went to the dentist. It’s been so many years since I’ve seen a dentist that I don’t even know how long it’s been. So I was a bit nervous as the day [...]

My Summer Vacation – Food Porn

Long-time readers will know how much I love documenting food. So yes, we did eat. In fact, we ate the shit out of this vacation. Our somewhat limited budget kept us from enjoying some of the higher-end food options in these Pacific Northwest locations. So we didn’t go out for too many fancy meals by [...]

We Came Back With an Espresso Maker

Hello, B&E readers! Did you miss me? I can feel you all missing me tremendously. You should stop being so needy. The missus and I went to the Pacific Northwest for a lovely nearly two-weeks-long vacation. If you think you’ll be avoiding a B&E photo show soon, you’re out of your mind. But first… You’ve [...]

The Lego Version Looks Just as Good

I have to admit that I’m getting some World Cup fever. Yeah, me and about a billion other people across the globe. The missus and I were celebrating our anniversary the day of the England-USA match, but no, that didn’t stop us from watching. Because she’s a proper Scot, she enjoys watching the English lose [...]

They Took My Hat

On Friday night, I met up with a high school friend and went to a beer garden in Queens for another friend’s birthday celebration. The Bohemian Hall beer garden is Astoria’s classic. But it’s also been known to get a bit crowded on popular evenings, so our friend decided to try Studio Square, which is [...]

New Link

If you like music, beauty, therapy, and other tremendousness, you should check out a new link on the right: the blog for A Sound Space. It also happens to be my sixth anniversary with the writer, who some may know as “the missus.” Happy anniversary, my love.

I’m Juvenile Enough Without Help

My mind often goes there. In fact, my mind probably lives there. And by “there,” of course, I mean those inappropriate places that minds sometimes go. On some occasions I lack a filter and blurt out over-the-line sort of comments. And some venues, such as the B&E web log, serve as a place where I [...]

I Will Miss Helen Thomas

Okay, so I’m about to wade into some dangerous waters here, especially since I’m not exactly an expert on Israeli/Palestinian issues, but hey, maybe my six readers will go easy on me. Helen Thomas said a terrible thing. Telling the Israelis to get the hell out of Palestine is, no other way to describe it, [...]

The New Yorker vs. The Nation

After years of subscribing to the New Yorker and only reading the cartoons, I realized that I was not getting my money’s worth. So I gave it up. Even though I recognize its clear quality. With The Nation magazine, I was certainly getting my money’s worth (I read the thing cover-to-cover every week), but then [...]

Men Are Predictable. And Transparent.

Earlier today, as I was returning from getting my and my colleagues’ afternoon coffee, I found myself standing in our building’s lobby with four other dudes and one leggy blond. Our building is home to a few offices that host casting calls for models every so often, so we see the occasional six-foot, gorgeous alien [...]