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That’s a Strike Against the United Kingdom

Look, I root for a team represented by a gentleman with a giant baseball for a head, so I’m no stranger to fucked up mascots. But the London Olympic Committee have really outdone themselves. Behold! Wenlock and Mandeville!

Lord Sebastian Coe, former Olympian and Chairman of the London organising committee, sure does get the best drugs.

You know, the missus and I have an ongoing conversation about when and if to move to Scotland. Many Scots are ready to declare their independence from the United Kingdom, and since this is a product of the English, it’s no fucking wonder. But until they do, I’m afraid the Scots get maligned with this disaster too, the poor bastards. And I gotta add this to the “con” list.

If this is what comes out of the new coalition government between David Cameron & the Tories and Nick Clegg & the Lib-Dems, it’s gonna be a long five years, B&E readers.

3 comments on “That’s a Strike Against the United Kingdom

  1. Carrie on said:

    Did someone just ask them which way to the beach?

  2. melissa on said:

    Those things are freaking me out.

  3. colin on said:

    yeah those abomination of the already abominable tradition of mascots really take the biscuit. the 2012 london olympic committee is obviously made up of 13 year old imbeciles. and lord coe. a tory mp. say no more.

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