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Is Twitter Winning Me Over?

Social media isn’t going away. I had to join Facebook for work, and because of what we do around the office, I’ve been aware of Twitter for a few years, even if I don’t actually participate. Technically I do, I suppose, in that I have an account, etc., but I haven’t tweeted once.

The thing I rather enjoy about Twitter, though, I must admit, is that things can spread like wildfire in the Twitterverse. (I didn’t make up that word, but I accept your jeers for using it.)

My favorite little Twitter goodness of late has to do the BP oil disaster. Some genius set up a fake BP public relations Twitter account: BPGlobalPR. Their tweets have included such gems as… “Just got the concession call from Exxon Valdez. They were great competitors and remarkably evil about everything. #bpwins!” and “A lot of people are asking if we could have prevented this mess. Honestly, we have no clue. Our hindsight is 20/80. #bpcares“.

Naturally, the real BP doesn’t much care for it. They have their own Twitter update page that I won’t bother to link to. But they’d sure like the mockery to stop. They’ve even asked Twitter to stop them.

Which, of course, only results in more mockery from the world of Twitter. SocialMedia411 tweeted this: “BP wants Twitter to shut down fake acct mocking the co. Twitter wants BP to shut down oil leak that’s ruining the ocean.”

By the time I post this, fake BP could well have more than 63,000 followers, and the list is growing at a remarkable rate. Real BP has just shy of 7,000, which I have to assume are employees and a handful of journalists.

If public and fast-spreading mockery of British Petroleum and other Bad News Corporations is the only benefit of Twitter, it will have been a worthy experiment.

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