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Hey, Nice Transport

Hey, now. This is a perfectly acceptable thing that the Mets have done. No, not the winning streaks at home followed immediately by losing streaks on the road.

I’m talking about the boat ride to New Shea! It leaves from Pier 11 (Wall Street) before every Mets game about an hour and a half before first pitch and gets you to the stadium an hour later. Genius. This past week, a few work mates and I took the boat to New Shea, and this is some of what we saw. Just to confuse you, I’m going to group them by subject instead of chronologically by boat trip.

Brooklyn Bridge! Brooklyn Bridge!

Manhattan Bridge! Manhattan Bridge!

Queensboro Bridge! Slash! 59th Street Bridge! Feelin’ Groovy!

Hellgate Bridge! Hellgate Bridge!

This is downtown as we pulled away from Pier 11. I don’t really want to bring this blog post down, but I still feel like the downtown skyline has a giant hole where the Twin Towers used to be.

This is the Empire State Building and all, but it looked less impressive from the water than it does from other angles.

The Chrysler Building is more impressive, methinks.

The other nice thing about traveling by river in New York is that you get to see weird industrial sites and abandoned buildings. Gorgeous!

As you get close to the stadium, you float by Laguardia Airport. Look, boss! The plane! The plane!

Then, you arrive to the Mets Cathedral, which other than the name is a very nice place indeed.

As you disembark from the boat, there’s one final warning to the gay men. Homophobes!

And by the way, the best news about the ferry from Wall Street to the Mets games is that it’s free. Free! Okay, so it costs $1 to reserve a spot on the boat, but it’s otherwise first-come-first-serve, and it’s free! They make up the cost of running it by calling it the Delta Shuttle and selling vast quantities of beer to the riders. Vast quantities. Seriously vast quantities.

Good times on a boat, B&E readers.

One comment on “Hey, Nice Transport

  1. Just found your blog through another Sunnysider’s link (Hilary), and am enjoying the reading! I had no idea about this ferry. Sounds like something I should surprise my husband with! Thanks for the idea!

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