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Out Crazying The Crazy

A while back, I’d wanted to draw my six readers’ attention to a creative counter protest in San Francisco in response to perennial protester Fred Phelps. But then time went by, and you know how these things work.

But hey now! It’s relevant again! So here I go!

For those who may not remember Fred Phelps and the Phelps Family Singers, they’re the “God Hates Fags” people, recently in the news because a dead Marine’s father was ordered by a judge to pay the Phelps’ family legal costs, because the Marine’s father sued the Phelps for protesting at his son’s funeral. Bill O’Reilly ended up stepping in on behalf of the Marine’s father and paying the legal costs.

This is but one example of the Phelps Horror Show.

Anyway, San Francisco! So you might be surprised to hear that there are some freaks out there. And freaks are funny. So the freaks made some crazy-ass signs to out crazy the Phelps’ crazy-ass signs. I’m partial to the one that just says, “ME!” but there are a couple of real gems in there.

Also, you can play around with your own crazy signs here. I made this one:

So how is it suddenly relevant again? Well, a fella called Jason Levin received his inspiration from the wackiness of the sign makers in San Francisco and, in the tradition of the Yes Men, has come up with an idea that’s part performance art, part activism, and part sheer lunacy.

The short of it is that Jason hopes to destroy the Tea Party movement by infiltrating and pushing it further away from the mainstream, so that Everyman looks at them and says, “Well, that’s too fucking crazy for me.”

His people may or may not be the people saying the craziest of the crazy shit you hear coming from the Tea Parties. So if members of the Tea Party start claiming that Obama performs deviant sexual acts, a member of Jason’s group might say, “Yeah, and the president also fucks goats!” The best part is that the Tea Party won’t know who’s legitimately crazy and who’s just fucking with them. Maybe a real Tea Bagger thinks that the president fucks goats. Just maybe. Who can tell?

Go, Jason.

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