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Hold On… I’m in the Middle.

Look, B&E; readers. I’ve just been busy, okay? I’ve got a tough nut of a project that I’m working on in all of my spare time, and it’s a bit all-consuming. So you’ll have to accept my apologies. If you don’t accept my apologies, well, up yours.

Also, it’s looking like I’m going to have to migrate this blog soon, because Blogger has decided that it doesn’t want to use its resources to allow people like me to use their blogging tools without a blogspot address.

I would say something insulting to Blogger now (like the “up yours” I gave to the readers who don’t accept my apologies), if Blogger weren’t owned by Google, which is a company that could hurt me very badly without my ever knowing it was Google that hurt me. They’re very crafty that way.

Anyway, everything should still be on the same B&E; channel, but it’s probably gonna look different. That’s alright, I suppose. While I’m at it, I’ll probably update my links too. Since it’s been a few years.

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